Tips on Art Framing

Art framing isn’t just about putting a case around items that you want to display. Frames are also important in preserving mementos; pictures of life’s special moments, diplomas and medals, artwork, and other memorabilia – these are the types of things that you want to protect, and framing is a great option.

Here are some things to consider when framing:

  • Use the best matting for the subject you want to frame. Matting isn’t just about complementing the subject, it also creates an air space between the subject and the glass. Make sure that the matting is thick enough so the subject will not stick to the glass. And choose the right color for the mat – it should enhance the subject and not overpower it.
  • Frames comes in many designs, colors and material. Choose a design that would complement and not overpower the item. Also consider matching the frame with your furniture, for harmony in the room. And don’t feel limited to using a single frame; you could use multiple frames to add drama to your subject. Art framing is diverse – feel free to think outside the box!
  • There are a couple of things to consider when choosing the glass for your frame. First. the type of glazing should complement the subject. Also, the weight of the glass will make a difference. Choose a thickness of glass that won’t be too heavy for the frame, and make sure that the frame and glass complement each other. Also keep in mind that cleaning the glass regularly is important.

Remember, art framing isn’t just about making your subject look good. It’s also about preserving it.

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Benefits of Custom Framing

Framing is about more than just preservation – it also enhances your artwork and mementos

Custom framing is a great way to preserve and present art or valuable mementos. But in addition to keeping your precious memorabilia safe and in good condition, it also provides other benefits:

Archive materials – prevents yellowing, fading or degrading
Often, prefabricated frames are not entirely safe to use as a means to preserve your artwork or mementos. This is due to the materials not being completely acid-free. This can cause certain issues, such as discoloration or breakdown of materials. On the other hand, custom frames made by a professional frame maker are made from high-quality materials and can offer you the assurance that your valuable belongings will not fade, yellow or degrade with time.

Customized presentation – you can choose what is best for your artwork or mementos
Another benefit of custom framing is that you can choose the materials used in the creation of the casing. This allows you to make your piece stand out in a way that will draw the eye and match your property’s style. In addition, you can get advice on what would be most suitable for your memorabilia and how to extend their life.

Custom frames are a great way to help protect, present and enhance the beauty of your mementos or art. They offer better preservation through acid-free materials designed to guard the content from light and other environmental hazards, and they can be made to suit any taste and budget while still offering high quality. To ensure the best results when ordering custom framing, contact an experienced, professional frame maker, like Cadillac Art & Frame in Little Elm, TX!

What Does a Professional Picture Framing Service Do?

A picture framing service expert is a craftsman that frames the likes of art, documents, keepsakes, and other such display items. They might work for a workshop, or could be freelance. There are various skills involved in this industry, such as design, cutting materials, measuring, stretching canvas, and meeting with potential clients.

Picture framing is a profession in which people obtain their skills via apprenticeship programs or by taking classes. The likes of craft centers, community colleges, and other educational facilities frequently offer workshops and classes on framing. Additionally, the Professional Picture Framer’s Association, an international organization dedicated to quality framing, offers 2 different levels of framing certification.

The daily duties of a picture framer greatly depend on the kind of work that needs to be completed. For simple jobs, they will begin by talking to their client to find out what their specifications are, such as the size, color, and style of the framing they want. The framer has to take into consideration their clients wishes, in addition to guiding their choices.
For example, a matte color will enhance art without overwhelming it. The framer will need to determine the temperature of the dominant color, whether it is warm or cool, and decide if a tint or shade will complement the color scheme. The style of the frame should reflect the style of the art it will be housing. An experienced picture framer should be able to provide various color and style choices for their client.

Once they have met with their client, the framer must gather pre-made frames or build one using a wood molding. A pre-made frame can be painted or stained, however, should the framer build a frame, they must stain or paint it depending on their client’s wishes. When a custom mat is called for, the framer must cut the mat before gluing it to the item which is getting framed.

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